Our team will put all its industrial skills to work to respond your poorly met or unmet needs with floating equipment.

custom-tailored DESIGN

HYDROTIKA has the expertise to guide you in designing and producing custom-made floating devices.  

Our dedicated team and our associate experts are ready to offer you solutions that meet your needs. Whether you need to design fasteners/attachments, pilings/stakes, shoreline or deep sea anchors, our technical staff will use the latest technology for every step of your project:

  • Computer assisted design;
  • 3D drawing and simulations;
  • Workshop plan;
  • Logistical support;
  • Installation.

PRODUcT development

HYDROTIKA has over 20 years of expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing new products.

Since we control all our operations – including quality assurance – we can give our word that our products will meet your needs completely. Our guarantee is the best that our industry has to offer. This isn’t just a professional obligation. It’s the basis of our clients’ confidence in us. Our services include:

  • The development of product specifications;
  • Design;
  • Prototyping;
  • Optimization;
  • Initiating the shaping process;
  • Moulding/casting;
  • Assembling the parts into a final product.


We bring your projects to life with 3D modeling. 

This tool allows us to make multiple virtual tests of a design. It’s a powerful advantage when we produce custom made anchors and floating devices. 


HYDROTIKA uses a casting formula developed for specific applications.

  • New and improved polyethylene resin;
  • 25% increase in buoy impact resistance;
  • Coloured extruded resins that meet US Federal Standard 595C standards;
  • Suitable for a wide temperature range (from -40oF to +140oF).

HYDROTIKA's quality

We are ISO 9001 certified and apply the Canadian Dam Association's most up to date Dam Safety Guidelines. 

Since 2011, many federal, provincial and municipal governments have chosen HYDROTIKA’s solutions to meet increased nautical security requirements.

With high quality technical and composite materials at affordable rates, HYDROTIKA provides clients with the best value for money on the market.

We use new, high-quality materials when we cast and assemble all our products.